About FIGA

Picture taken at the time of EC meeting at INCOIS, Hyderabad on 5th June 2023

Over the years the earth system science has become a truly interdisciplinary field of science with an increasing realization for a common platform and to exchange and interlace the views and activities of the earth sciences communities. This is expected to bring in synergy across the earth science community and the scientific programmes of national and international relevance taken up by the scientific associations. This is also expected to be in tune with the international organization like IGC and IUGG.

As of now, the Indian contributions and international initiatives have largely been based on the initiatives and opinions of individuals rather than that of the geosciences community as a whole. It is high time that we bring it together contemporary technologies that can address either directly or indirectly the geoscientific issue to arrive at an effective and sustainable solution in the country. It is in this context, one of the effective approaches is to bring in all the associations dealing with various facets of geosciences together and put in a concerted effort in suggesting future activities at national and international levels.

This platform will enable interaction between scientists on a regular and continuing basis, apart from facilitating a synergic interaction across disciplines and various working groups and associations of geosciences and allied areas. This will incidentally provide an incubating ground for young researches to plan and initiate major nation programmes in the country. This form is also expected to work out the need and scope to initiate major facilities and programmes for the advancement of geo-scientific knowledge and application in the country. Thus considering the paramount need to synergize various disciplines and crass fertilisers R&D initiatives with in the earth sciences community way back in 2007 have culminated in the formation of FIGA in 2014.

FIGA works with the motto
“Geosciences for Development and Welfare of Society